Funding by Bathscape

We are very pleased to announce the award of three substantial grants from Bathscape to the Friends of Lyncombe Hill Fields (FLHF).  Bathscape is a partnership between Bath & NE Somerset Council and various other bodies whose shared ambition is “to address threats faced by the beautiful natural landscape surrounding Bath, and to better recognise its value to the health and wellbeing of all people in the city”.

We have been in discussion with Dan Merrett, Bathscape’s Manager, from early in the development of our plans for FLHF.  The grants will pay for:

  • The materials for the bird boxes and bat boxes which have been assembled and installed in trees around the site;
  • Materials for six simple benches, located at viewpoints in the Fields and also in the Copse;
  • A lockable glazed information board, located near the Greenway Lane gate;
  • Maps of the Fields now positioned close to each of the three entry gates;
  • 18 tonnes of stone for improvement of the designated public footpaths (most of which has already been laid);
  • A scythe mower and its secure storage.

FLHF is extremely pleased to be awarded these grants, noting also the input and support from Bath & NE Somerset Council who are providing matched funding for some of Bathscape’s projects.  Bathscape’s principal source of funds is the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Dan Merrett said “a key factor in the award of this grant has been the convergence between Bathscape’s and FLHF’s vision and objectives, and the commitment evident in the fantastic work undertaken by FLHF’s volunteer workforce in the last four months since the launch of FLHF”.

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