Flora and Fauna

  • Hogweed
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The fields have been left largely undisturbed for the last few years. Our plan is to:

  • Restore the meadows to enhance the growth of wild flowers
  • Remove invasive plants like bramble, nettle and dock from the grassland (whilst leaving it elsewhere)
  • Leave an intermediate (uncut) strip between 3m and 5m in front of all the boundaries and either side  of the hedgerows
  • Encourage damp and stony areas to encourage insects, reptiles and amphibians
  • Plant a Tiny Forest of 600 trees
  • Restore a small woodland
  • Add species variety to the existing hedgerows

An initial tree survey took place in early January 2021.  The results are still to be collated and with be available soon.

We hope to be able to set up study groups during 2021 for the following:

  • birds
  • bryophytes
  • flowers
  • fungi
  • invertebrates
  • mammals
  • trees