Future Projects

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Bird Box
Bird Box – Photo: Matt Roberts

Bird nesting boxes have been installed across the site.

Simple wooden benches have been placed in four locations in the Fields and two locations in the Copse.

Signs and information boards incorporating site maps and other information have been placed close to each of the three entrances to the Fields.

A first mowing of the prime areas of grassland was completed in week commencing 15 March 2021, by our volunteers using a hired brush cutter/ mower. We are now starting our main annual cutting and raking of the main areas of grassland, using a scythe-mower (see the News Blog section of this website).

We are now planning the planting of another 800 native saplings during the late autumn of 2021, to create a second Tiny Forest and also a new hedgerow along part of the boundary with Beechen Cliff school.