How to Find the Fields

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As shown in the first map in the Maps section of the website, there are three pedestrian gates into and out of the Fields:

  • The gate into the North Field, near the top of the ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ footpath which links Calton Road and Alexandra Road in Widcombe to the Alexandra Park viewpoints;
  • The gate into the South Field opposite no. 100 Greenway Lane;
  • The gate into the West Field from the public footpaths that cross the playing fields of Beechen Cliff School.

As also shown in the second map in the Maps section of the website, an excellent circular walk of around one mile in length can be made by using the public footpaths between these North and West Gates by way of Beechen Cliff school playing fields and the Alexandra Park viewpoints.

There is a wonderful network of paths in this area, and these can be used to access both Lyncombe Hill Fields and the Alexandra Park viewpoints from the railway station, Widcombe and Bear Flat.  These are shown diagrammatically in the map shown here.  The three main routes from Widcombe may be summarised as follows:

  1. Up Lyncombe Hill to Greenway Lane and into the South gate of the Fields;
  2. Up the Jacob’s Ladder steps to the North gate into the Fields;
  3. Through Beechen Cliff Woods and up the steps to Alexandra Park and into the North gate into the Fields.

Various circuits can be made by combining any two of these three routes.  Please note that none of the three gates into the Fields are suitable for wheelchairs, and none of the routes to these gates can be described as step-free.  The Jacob’s Ladder path from the Alexandra Park viewpoint to the North gate and to Widcombe descends steeply and can be very slippery when wet.  Bicycles are strictly prohibited in the Fields.  

Please note that parking is extremely limited in Calton Road, Alexandra Road and Greenway Lane.  If you must arrive by car, please park on the roadway around Alexandra Park, accessed via Shakespeare Avenue (BA2 4RQ).  A charge is payable for stays of more than one hour on Mondays to Saturdays, using a mobile phone.  The park is closed to vehicles between dusk and dawn.  See also .