Supporting Us In Other Ways

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We consider you all to be Friends of Lyncombe Hill Fields.  No individual subscriptions are required at the moment as our initial costs have been under-written by the five supporting Residents’ Associations (see the About the Friends of Lyncombe Hill Fields section of the website).  

Community Interest Companies are designed for social enterprises that want to use their resources for the benefit of the community.  Any profits in each year will be re-invested in FLHF projects or will be returned to the subscribing Residents’ Associations.  

We have committed to reduce our dependency of funding from these Residents’ Associations over time, and we will therefore be approaching other organisations who may be willing to support our objectives.  We will therefore be developing other funding methods, and may from time to time seek donations from individuals for specific projects.

The best form of support at present however is as a Volunteer.  Our policy is to do everything as cost-effectively as possible.  For further details please see the How to Volunteer section of the website.